St Marys Short Term Accommodation is a home away from home where clients can work on their individual goals, while enjoying a relaxing break. Kayla is a regular at St Marys who enjoys developing her independence during her stays. Thanks to a generous bequest, the warm and welcoming home has recently had some entertainment upgrades that Kayla and the other clients love.

Afford’s Short Term Accommodation can be enjoyed for a weekend or a few weeks and is an excellent chance for families and carers to relax while their loved one is cared for in a safe environment.

The St Marys team used bequest funding to purchase a giant connect four and a Nintendo WII console for the clients to enjoy during their stays.

“The connect four has been great for Kayla as it has encouraged her to go outside, which is a pretty big deal,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Kerry Ryce.

Kayla has stayed at St Marys multiple times, and with every visit, Kerry sees her achieve more goals. Kayla has gained a lot of confidence in preparing her meals, tidying up after herself and using the washing machine.

“Another goal Kayla’s mum wants her to work towards is exercising while she is here. We always try to encourage her to move her body and going outside is a great first step,” continued Kerry.

The Nintendo WII console has also been a hit with the respite clients and has inspired them to practise their teamwork, concentration and gross motor skills.

“Our clients have a wide range of abilities so many of them have been loving the new console. It has added to the homely atmosphere of the house and so has the recent refresh all of the rooms,” said Kerry.

With new bedside tables, quilt covers and wall art, each room now has a colour theme. The clients have enjoyed choosing whether they stay in ‘the yellow room’ or switch it up for ‘the blue room’ with each new visit.

We are so thankful to the generous members of our community who leave bequests to Afford. Your support helps clients like Kayla achieve their dreams.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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