Worrigee Supported Accommodation residents were transported back to the 1950s at the Huskisson Car Show, with the sounds of revving engines and old tunes pumping.

The group were so excited to spend their Sunday viewing unique cars and getting amongst the local community while socialising with their friends.

“Kate suggested the event as she grew up at Sussex Inlet, where they have hot-rods and street machines in the main street every year. She always gets excited when we are travelling on the bus, and she sees a vintage car, hot-rod or street machine,”  said Lifestyle Assistant, Richard Stanyard.

Everyone enjoyed having a walk around the show and seeing the vintage cars. Ivonne was having such a great time that she asked to have her photo taken with her favourite car then the rest of the group followed suit.

“You can see from the look on their faces they were having a good time and they were very interested in the cars, all the different shapes and sizes,”  continued Richard.

During the day, Kate was surprised to see a family friend there with his Red 56 Chevy. She introduced him to the group and everyone enjoyed capturing some photos with his car.

The Afford Lifestyle encourages residents to explore their interests and gain the confidence to do the things that make them happy.

Find out more about the supported accommodation locations near you and how you can start visiting the places and events that you have always dreamed of and make memories with your friends.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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