While we may be heading towards the hottest part of the year, there is nothing like taking advantage of the spring nights to roast some marshmallows and share stories around a fire. Jackson from Trafalgar Supported Accommodation was gifted an outdoor fire pit for his birthday and he has enjoyed sharing it with his housemates and friends, Jesse and Michael.

Afford Supported Accommodation homes are safe and supportive environments where you will create friendships and memories to last a lifetime.

“Jackson had to celebrate his birthday in lockdown, but his mum did a present drive-by drop off, which was great. She brought the fire pit as well as some other goodies and everyone made the best of it with cake and a fun day,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Sheree Poulter.

They worked together to set up the fire pit and ensure that everyone could find a comfortable spot to sit at a safe distance from the fire. Everyone shared a giggle when Jesse tried his first roasted marshmallow and found that it was quite a lot stickier than expected.

“All three boys sat outside into the evening, sharing stories and making jokes with each other. Jackson was laughing, smiling and happy to share his present with his housemates,” continued Sheree.

Irreplaceable moments like this at Trafalgar house have enabled Jackson, Jesse and Michael to form a unique friendship over the last year. They have leaned on each other through the good times and the challenges and they look forward to creating new memories when lockdown ends.

“Jackson is looking forward to returning to his Afford Community Centre. Jesse is obsessed with planes so he is excited to go to our local airport and watch them fly over us, while Michael has shared that he wants to go bowling when he can,” said Sheree.

For now, they are enjoying word searches, dance parties and spending their weekends getting some fresh air by kicking the ball around their local park.

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