What’s better than going out to eat at your favourite restaurant? When your favourite restaurant comes to you! Jesse from Afford’s Trafalgar Supported Accommodation recently transformed the kitchen into a mini McDonalds Drive-Thru for his housemates to enjoy.

At Afford’s Supported Accommodation, you will find laughter, friendship, and achieve new goals even during challenging times.

“Making his own McDonalds has been one way that Jesse has been keeping busy during the current lockdown. On Sunday morning, he woke up ready to start the day by creating signs, a name badge, hat and menu,” said Lifestyle Assistant Sheree Poulter.

He hung the signs around the kitchen and shared the menu with his housemates, encouraging them to think about their ‘order.’ Jesse’s menu included his favourite, a double quarter pounder burger, alongside fries, milkshakes and hamburgers.

“He took his housemates orders just like a professional, then got to cooking. Jesse made two cheeseburgers, one double quarter pounder, fries and milkshakes with minimal assistance. He was one busy man,” continued Sheree.

It was a great display of creativity and independence from Jesse which brought a sense of pride to his lifestyle assistants.

“He was smiling and laughing throughout the day. Go, Jesse! What a way to get over the lockdown blues,” said Sheree.

Our staff always go the extra mile to support clients, especially during these challenging times. They encourage their creativity and love to see housemates creating memories together.

Learn more about Afford’s Supported Accommodation if you are ready to start living the Afford Lifestyle and making the most of every day.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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