Over the past ten years with Afford, Lisa from Bluebird Supported Accommodation has come into her own and taken charge of her health. She has recently passed an important milestone by having her sight restored through cataract surgery.

When you join an Afford Supported Accommodation home, lifestyle assistants will help guide you through the challenging times and celebrate your successes.

“I stayed with Lisa for the entire process. I held her hand as she fell asleep in the surgery room and I was in the waiting room when she woke up. I told her that I was staying the whole time and that helped calm her nerves,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Ngaire McKechnie.

Lisa’s doctor recommended that she have cataract surgery to enhance her vision as she was beginning to feel as though her world was behind a cloudy window. Lisa was looking forward to regaining her vision but she does experience anxiety around needles and anaesthetic, so her emotions were up and down.

“Even though she was anxious beforehand together we got through it. I’ve been working with Lisa for a long time, at least ten years. She trusts me to assist her with medical appointments and I was happy to be there for her,” continued Ngaire.

When Lisa arrived for her surgery and completed her admission forms, she was also surprised to be told that she was the 30,000th person admitted to the Epping surgery centre.

“She was rewarded with a pretty pot plant and a gift voucher. We took photos outside and it put a big smile on Lisa’s face. We planted it in the garden the next day,” said Ngaire.

The surgery was a success and has thoroughly improved Lisa’s vision. She has been able to get back to all her favourite activities and is looking forward to new adventures in 2022.

Ngaire added, “Lisa works at Minchinbury factory, but she is thinking about slowing down and maybe attending community centre after her birthday next year.”

Afford’s Supported Accommodation will support you through the ups and downs of life while giving you the freedom to make your own choices.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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