As we start this year, many of our clients, residents and supported employees are already setting their sights high to achieve their goals for home, work and life.

Australia’s beautiful beaches are among the best in the world and for Michelle, enjoying a day at the beach is at the top of the list of her favourite things to do.

Just like any 23 year old, Michelle loves to feel the coolness of the water on her skin and enjoy the warmth of the sun while relaxing by the water. Michelle wanted the independence and freedom to enjoy all the feelings that come with a beachside experience.

Recently, with support from Afford’s Shoalhaven Community Centre lifestyle assistant, Ann-Marie, Michelle achieved her personal goal of going to the beach.

Michelle met Ann-Marie at the beach, driven there by her mum and dad. Ann-Marie organised for a beach wheelchair to be ready and waiting for a fun-filled day.

Michelle and Ann-Marie planned their day. It was set to be a day of fun and triumph! Michelle’s parents also enjoyed their time at the beach, having the peace of mind that their daughter was supported to do something that she truly loves.

On the warm summer’s day, Ann-Marie supported Michelle to go to the water’s edge. She listened to the sounds of the waves and smelt the salty sea. Every time a wave would come to the base of her wheelchair, she would feel the spray of the ocean on her skin.

The pair enjoyed sitting on the beach and taking in the outdoors. The beach wheelchair assisted Ann-Marie to help Michelle to go wherever she wanted along the beachside.

“Michelle was able to let the waves wash over her toes while the sun beamed down on her face. She really enjoyed this time laughing and smiling. I was so happy to be a part of this experience with her,” said Ann-Marie from Shoalhaven Community Centre.

Beach wheelchairs are available for free across the Shoalhaven region.

With support, Michelle was able to achieve her goal. She had individualised support that catered to her needs.

Find out more about group and one-to-one supports available through Afford Community Centres across the country.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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