Image for Club Afford – A Roaring Success!

Club Afford – A Roaring Success!

Club Afford is a member based program that encourages participants to attend a variety of exciting and engaging events, activities and attractions. Club Afford promotes leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle and provides opportunities for participants to strengthen and extend their social ne...
Image for Bike Riding At Billabong

Bike Riding At Billabong

Our enthusiastic residents at Billabong Group Home in Penrith are always looking for ways to increase their fitness to lead healthy lifestyles. Leading A Healthy Lifestyle The residents of the Billabong home try to ride their bicycles every day as part of their regular e...
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Club Afford Takes You There!

Club Afford Takes You There! At Afford, we understand that sometimes our clients want to go to events, festivals or programs that don’t fit in the usual service hours. So we’ve created Club Afford to give clients opportunities to enjoy activities during the week, as well as on weekend...
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Sun and Fun at Club Afford Qld

What’s a weekend without a little bit of fun? For many of us, weekends are a chance to either put our feet up or go outdoors and attend events. For families where someone has a disability, it’s important that there are supervised and accessible options. That’s why at Afford Queensland, we are enthusiastically offering our Club Afford serv...
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Club Afford Conquers Sea Life Sydney

Afford established Club Afford to provide clients with the opportunity to explore the community, attend events, make new friends and learn about healthy lifestyles. Club Afford operates every Saturday and presents clients with amazing opportunities to expand their social networks and develop lifelong skills in a fun and engaging setting.