A day out exploring nature is a fantastic sensory experience that helps our clients feel connected to the world around them. Club Afford members from Holden Hill and Morphett Vale Community Centres decided to explore the local Morialta Conservation Park and experience the serenity and sunshine. With some light exercise followed by a picnic amongst friends, everyone enjoyed the bushland adventure.

Club Afford is a membership-based social group that brings friends together for new adventures over the weekend.

“It was a great opportunity to get out and about in nature. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, many Club Afford events recently have just been staying at our sites. There wasn’t much opportunity for community access or mingling between the sites. They loved getting to see more of South Australia,” said Acting SLES Vocational Trainer, Hayley Ovens.

The park is over 100 years old and the bushlands are home to many types of Australian wildlife and stunning waterfalls. Everyone had a fantastic time searching for furry and flying creatures while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of regular life.

“We saw four koalas on the day. The clients turned it into a fun little competition to see whether the girls or boys could spot the most animals. Ross is also really into his birds so he had a great time pointing out all the different species he knew about,” continued Hayley.

There are multiple walking tracks for all abilities so it was an excellent opportunity for clients to work on their fitness and mobility goals.

“Our client Beth struggles with uneven surfaces. Normally she will want to stop and catch up to the group later. On this day, she was determined to keep going. She made it to the waterfall and it was a great achievement,” said Hayley.

Experiencing the natural wonders of South Australia also gives our clients insight into the history of our country. Morialta Conservation Park is part of the traditional lands of the Kaurna (‘Gar-na) people. The name Morialta springs from the Kaurna word ‘morialta’, which means ‘ever-flowing.’

Learn more about Club Afford and start making special memories with your friends!

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