Ipswich Club Afford members chose to farewell 2021 by letting loose on the dancefloor and sharing memories from the year. With smiles as large as their personalities, the friends shared their first live music experience and danced the night away.

When you join Club Afford, you will find your social calendar packed with exclusive events and activities that encourage you to learn more about the world.

“Exploring Queensland’s nightlife surrounded by a group they feel comfortable with is a great way for our clients to discover these typical young adult scenarios in a safe environment. We are right by their side to give them a great experience,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Kimberley Meyerink.

The Club Afford crew brainstormed ideas for celebrating the end of the year and realised they shared a passion for music and dancing. This sparked the idea to explore Queensland’s nightlife. Once word spread to other members of the Ipswich Community Centre, everyone was keen to get involved.

“This night was Ipswich’s biggest turnout to a Club Afford event. We had lots of clients join us that don’t normally attend Club Afford, so it was a great way for them to bond with new friends,” continued Kimberley.

After sharing dinner, the crew enjoyed live music at a local venue. They then made their way to another hotspot with a dancefloor. When some Taylor Swift tunes came through the speakers, it was time to give in to the rhythm! Everyone had a great time dancing the night away with Ben, Cristine and Vanessa showing off their fancy footwork.

“For many clients, this was their first time out at night and it was a great experience. It was quiet so they had the freedom to move around and enjoy themselves. They have already asked when they can go out again,” said Kimberley.

We love to see our clients enjoy life with their friends and make special memories that will last a lifetime.

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