For Nicky, having her own space and the freedom to live life she chooses has been a dream to achieve for some time.

She loves her mum and dad dearly but yearned to find her own place that she could call home.

After months of discussions and planning between Nicky and the Miami Hub Team Leader, Jelena, and Lifestyle Assistant, Talia, Nicky’s dream finally became a reality!

Just before Christmas, Nicky moved into her new home in Queensland. She has decorated her room just how she likes it. She has made friends with the other housemates and loves cooking in her very own kitchen.

“We spoke with Nicky and her family to work out exactly what she needed to enjoy independent living in an Afford home. We ensured that the home included or was modified with all the things that Nicky needs to feel comfortable,” said Jelena, Team Leader at Afford’s Miami Hub.

When Nicky first joined Afford, she was reserved and a little shy. Today, she is confident and more outgoing in social situations and now, Nicky is willing to try new experiences and activities.

“Since Nicky joined Afford she has progressed in leaps and bounds. She welcomes new activities and enjoys trying fresh new food,” said Jelena.

Nicky will reap the benefits of the Afford Lifestyle that is part of all Afford Supported Accommodation. The Afford Lifestyle is all about staff going above and beyond to support residents achieve their goals in life and enjoy activities that they truly love.

“We are all extremely proud of Nicky and can’t wait to see how much more she progresses in life now that she is in her new home. She is a very special and inspiring young woman,” said Jelena.

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