The annual Afford’s Got Talent event has gone digital this year and our sites are more excited than ever! Participants have been eagerly practising and pre-recording their acts which will premiere on October 28th. Pakenham Supported Accommodation got into character as ‘The Pakenham Five’ and swung to the tunes of the 1950s.

There is never a dull moment in Afford’s Supported Accommodation. You will always be encouraged to spread your wings and explore your passions in life.

“We had so much fun recording our performance and had been planning for weeks on end! The participation and effort from all the residents make me so proud and their confidence has skyrocketed,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Jennifer North.

With Melbourne becoming the most locked-down city globally, Afford’s Virtually Got Talent has been a shining light for the residents and kept their spirits up.

“It was good to use the extra time on our hands during the lockdown in such a positive way. We are so pleased that the event still went ahead and was run virtually,” continued Jennifer.

Each resident experienced outstanding personal achievement in the lead up to and on the filming day. Jennifer spent eight weeks working with Bailey to support his routine and help him believe in himself. Jason got up and danced; Dom jammed out on his guitar and Jodie even put on a costume to participate.

“Paul was Elvis Presley rocking out and having a blast busting a move. There were so many positives and it was a great experience to support the residents with this event,” said Jennifer.

After the energetic performances, everyone was wiped out so they ordered in and had a pizza party to end a great day.

We can’t wait to see the performance from Pakenham and all of the other sites across Australia on October 28th. This year’s Afford’s Virtually Got Talent will be one for the history books!

When you join the Afford Lifestyle, you will find yourself growing in confidence, independence and making all new memories.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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