Affordians are celebrating the warmer weather and flowers blooming, with spring providing ideal conditions for everyone to roll up their sleeves and get out in the garden.

Supported Accommodation residents in Victoria got their gloves on to tend to their home’s garden beds. Laura channels her love of nature and gardening from her father. She enjoys getting her hands dirty and is considered a green thumb by her housemates. She was the first to head out to the garden beds to begin removing all the weeds that had grown over the winter months. The clean garden beds were planted with new seedlings and are now brimming with colour and fragrance.

The Crestmead home in Queensland has undergone a mini facelift with keen residents revamping the garden. Assisted by staff, Ben diligently waters the flowers and shrubs every two days. The responsibility has helped grow Ben’s self-confidence and expand his independence.

New South Wales Worrigee home residents, Michael and Clayton, transformed their front garden by removing all the weeds, fertilising the soil and planting new seedlings and flowers. With support from lifestyle assistants, the men dug the holes and mixed dynamic lifter into the dirt. They teased the roots of the plants so that they would have plenty of access to the fertiliser and could start growing straight away. The two housemates opted for plants that work as ground covers, to try and stop weeds taking over their garden. They have also planted natives, which will attract local wildlife and provide beautiful screening for everyone at the home to enjoy. Michael and Clayton take turns watering their new plants and are proud of their new independence and responsibility.

Queensland’s Wellington Point Community Centre clients took their gardening to the next level and created a sensational fairy garden! After a visit with lifestyle assistants to their local Bunnings to pick up supplies, clients began to paint pots with a variety of colours and designs. The pots will include beautiful succulents to create a magical garden space where clients can retreat for time alone or share with their friends. The fairy garden will soon have its own fairy door and miniature fairies surrounded by rocks painted by clients who attend the site.

Find out how you can enjoy the outdoors and get involved in your love of gardening at Afford Community Centres and Supported Accommodation across the country.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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