Club Afford is a membership-based social group that encourages social activities, healthy living, fun and getting out into the community.

Our Ipswich Club Affordians recently headed into Southbank for a Club Afford outing with a difference! The group were in town for Curiocity Brisbane, when eye-popping and dazzling installations dotted the city Botanic Gardens, South Bank, cultural precinct and the Brisbane CBD.

Club Afford participants were amazed at the lights and colours of some of the installations. Vortibles was one of their favourites. The structure was a 3D world of crocheted vortex nets that generated sound from subtle vibration and movement.

There were many digital and interactive displays which all in their own way, celebrate a unique blend of art, science and technology.

“We hadn’t experienced anything like this before. It was amazing to see the city in a different light and with installations that made you think and question about how they worked,” said Tina, Ipswich Community Centre Team Leader.

“Everyone loved the sensory experiences with the colours, movement and sounds of the installations being mesmerising and fun to watch.”

Club Afford provides opportunities to enjoy new experiences with a supportive group of friends.

Find out more about how you can extend your friendships, see new places and have fun with Club Afford.


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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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