Club Afford has been a great hit at the new Holden Hill Community Centre, with the Hahndorf Farm Barn trip being extremely popular. Milking cows, feeding sheep and patting ponies were all part of the farmyard fun for Shelley and Aysh and are memories they will cherish forever.

Both Shelley and Aysh were supported on separate visits to the cosy farm, where they soaked up the sun and fresh air while having some fantastic sensory experiences.

“Shelley’s favourite part of the day was petting the cows and sheep whilst Aysh enjoyed the horses. He loved them so much that he now has a goal of going horse riding on one of his weekends,” said Team Leader, Roseanne Muller.

The trip for Shelley was organised as part of Club Afford, which has been extremely popular amongst the clients at Holden Hill.

“Club Afford is a highlight for the majority of our clients. They have never had a Saturday social activity to do, so this has improved things for them,” continued Roseanne.

Aysh’s Lifestyle Assistant, Ken, suggested the farm visit to Aysh after being inspired by Shelley’s visit and hearing about the great time she had. Aysh was not yet part of Club Afford, so Ken organised a special Community Centre outing.

Another highlight of his day was petting and learning about the animals. The day provided great sensory stimulations and a new understanding of how to care for farmyard animals.

“Aysh is sensory-driven, so this day out brought him a lot of comfort while stimulating his senses,” continued Roseanne.

Afford is proud to have the best staff in the sector who will always go above and beyond to ensure our clients have the absolute best experiences.

Learn more about how you can start discovering more of your local area and making special memories through our Club Afford and our Community Centres.

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