Clients at Afford’s Kings Park Community Centre are finding independence and improving their life skills by getting involved with the range of activities on offer.

The staff at Kings Park are always happy to customise activities and outings to nurture all clients whilst making the most of each and every visit.

Rebecca has been attending the Kings Park Community Centre five days per week, Monday – Friday since 2010, where she has had a wide range of experiences from bowling, travelling, training, swimming and more.

A crowd favourite at Kings Park and a go to activity for Rebecca is the cooking program in the recently renovated kitchen. With a brand-new oven, stovetop as well as both short and tall benches, it’s not surprising that there are many budding chefs who love to take on a culinary challenge.

With the assistance of Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Kay Wongwai, Rebecca has greatly improved her vegetable chopping and table setting skills whilst also taking care of the unpopular chores such as emptying the bin, sweeping the floors and loading/unloading the dishwasher.

“Rebecca has gone very far in the cooking program from when first started at Kings Park and she is now more independent with the small tasks,” said Kay.

Swimming and travel training are two other activities that Rebecca looks forward to on her days at Kings Park.

“Rebecca will count the days till swimming and is very excited waiting for the day, she also loves to travel on the train and tap her Opal card by herself. She has gained much more confidence,” Kay continued.

Thanks to group-based activities, Rebecca has also been developing her interpersonal skills, social interaction and social manners skills building close relationships with her peers and staff.

Thanks to upgrades in 2020, Kings Park Community Centre also has concrete paths, a ramp and an outdoor awning making it easily accessible and welcoming to all clients.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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