For an interactive, educational and engaging experience, our Southport Community Centre Affordian headed to Brisbane to visit SparkLab, to channel their inner scientist!

Curious and always keen to learn new things, Connor, Ashleigh and Lara wanted to visit SparkLab for some science fun.

Various exhibits at SparkLab allow visitors to get hands-on science experience. A presenter showcased an experiment that used everyday items to produce unexpected results. One of the experiments involved releasing air in a container that held a marshmallow. By decreasing the air in the container, the marshmallow changed in size. The experiment helped everyone understand that combining certain chemicals and substances can cause interesting reactions.

In and around SparkLab, Connor, Ashleigh and Lara were mesmerised by the exhibits hanging over their heads. Large whales hung from the ceilings, and dinosaurs as large as the building were visible through the windows.

After leaving SparkLab, the group walked through the sculptured walkways in Brisbane Parklands, and they talked about all the cool experiments. Then they headed to The Wheel of Brisbane to see the enormous structure turn slowly in the sunshine.

At Afford, we encourage individuals to explore their interests and question, investigate and learn about the world around them.

The visit to SprakLab and the surrounding Brisbane area are opportunities to learn while having fun with support and friends.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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