Braids, curly locks and colours that impress are all hairstyles that Chloe longs to create when she becomes a hairdresser.

Chloe is a trainee at Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program in Penrith. When she talked about her aspiration to become a hairdresser with her trainer, Sharon, the duo quickly began researching how Chloe could secure her dream job.

Sharon and Chloe looked into courses that would help her develop her skills. Together, they visited Kingswood TAFE to enrol in a Certificate II Salon Assistant course. With loads of skills to learn and industry knowledge to absorb, the course will set Chloe on the right path for her career.

When she arrived on campus, Chloe couldn’t contain her excitement. After enrolling, she explored the rest of the campus with Sharon and visited J Block, to check out the hairdressing centre.

Chloe met with hairdressing support staff and teachers. She also had a mini orientation before starting her course.

Chloe video called her mum to say, “I am having the best time mum. You would be so proud of me. I am going to make a great hairdresser!”

Chloe left campus with a list of equipment that she needs throughout her course. She couldn’t wait to go to the hairdressing supply shop to pick up her brushes kit.

With support from Sharon and a TAFE course to help her develop her skills for the hairdressing industry, Chloe is well on her way to achieving her employment goals.

The SLES program provides school leavers with an opportunity to explore their interests. Trainers create supportive environments to learn new skills and to move into the workforce with confidence.

SLES trainers support trainees learn about workplace etiquette, managing social situations at work, resume writing and interview skills. Trainees also have many opportunities to visit different workplaces for industry visits to get a behind the scenes look at how businesses run. Trainers have extensive business networks and connections with employers to help secure work experience for trainees.

Find out more about how the SLES program can help you find a job that suits your interests and achieve your employment goals.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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