Surrounded by walls of resources to inspire, educate and inform, the trainees from our Ingleburn and Prestons SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) programs visited Campbelltown and Carnes Hill libraries to learn how libraries can assist in job hunting.

The library outings were part of SLES’ regular industry visits. Industry visits present trainees with the chance to learn more about job opportunities and roles available in different sectors. It also allows trainees to delve deeper into the skills they need to become job ready.

Trainees had a tour of the library. The library managers discussed the process of joining the library staff and the workplace skills required. They also talked about the various youth programs available through the library.

Trainees then talked with the library staff and their SLES trainers, Livenya and Faith, about how the library can help them find a job.

With everything at their fingertips, such as books, DVDs, local events and access to technology such as computers, the trainees realised a whole world of resources to help them explore their interests to find their ideal job.

“Trainees learned that they could access photocopying facilities to copy their resumes to hand out to potential employers. They also toured the computer area where they can access free information and resources to help in their job search,” said Faith, SLES Vocational Trainer – Prestons.

SLES provides young school leavers with the chance to take time to develop their skills and knowledge so they can confidently enter the workforce. SLES trainers provide support and encouragement to help trainees work towards and achieve their employment goals.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES program and how you can get the support you need to land a job you love.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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