Finding your ideal job takes time, determination and confidence. Thanks to a new job club program established by SLES (School Leaver Employment Support), trainees will have the support and motivation they need to hunt for their top job.

Mt Druitt and Penrith SLES trainees are on their way to job success with a new job club initiative organised by SLES trainers. Afford Job Club encourages young job seekers to be proactive in searching for roles that pique their interest.

Afford Job Club runs every week and promotes a fun, social and practical job-hunting experience. SLES trainer, Tayla, supports trainees to search for open employment opportunities that suit their interests.

Whether it is a job at a supermarket, a retail store, working in a restaurant, club or other industry, trainees get support to research job requirements, the skills they need, and various roles and responsibilities on offer. They are also supported to apply for positions.

The Afford SLES Job Club is designed to encourage trainees to take control of their path to employment and support each other along the way.

During job club, Tayla puts music on in the background while trainees search for job opportunities online. Trainees have personalised logbooks that they use to keep track of jobs they applied for and their progress.

The job club is the next steppingstone for trainees. It is the way forward on their employment adventure that provides structure to regularly review, assess and achieve their goals.

“By dedicating a time each week to look for job opportunities, trainees will build their experience and confidence in applying for positions,” said Tayla, SLES Vocational Trainer/SLES Coordinator.

“SLES is all about providing a fun, social and supportive environment for young school leavers to explore what they want out of a job and ways to help them achieve their employment goals.”

Find out more about how the SLES program can catapult your job hunt to new heights.

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