With the season of get togethers now upon us, Mt Druitt and Penrith SLES trainees spent some time developing their communication and social skills.

Their trainer, Tayla, organised for everyone to meet at Piccolo Me Café for a Jingle Mingle get together. It was an opportunity for trainees to strengthen their friendships and practise flowing conversation in social situations.

The café provided the ideal low-pressure environment and instantly set everyone at ease. Trainees practised interacting with wait staff and each other. They challenged themselves to initiate conversation and develop their communication skills.

They practised engaging in small talk, sharing stories about their weekends and finding common interests. Trainees were encouraged to use eye contact, find a back-and-forth flow for conversation and make meaningful connections.

The purpose of the Jingle Mingle was to arm trainees with the social tools to feel comfortable in group situations. These skills can be applied to gathering with friends and family, as well as the workplace.

“With each conversation, trainees showed more and more improvement in both their confidence and ability to sustain a conversation,” said Tayla Clark, SLES Vocational Trainer/SELS Coordinator.

“Even our more shy and quiet trainees were coming out of their shells and really giving it a go. They discovered new fun facts about those around them and what they have planned for the holiday season.”

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