Trainees from Mt Druitt SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) visited Aqua Golf Penrith for an industry visit that got them into the swing of the working world.

Even though landing your dream job can feel overwhelming, you will be a pro in no time with the proper support and training in our SLES program.

“The trainee’s enjoyed learning about working in the sports and recreation industry and chatting to the friendly staff. Trainees also learnt about the process for applying to work at Aqua golf which a few trainees are keeping in mind for the future,” said Vocational Trainer, Tayla Clark.

Everyone was impressed by the in-depth rundown of the tasks that are required daily at Aqua Golf. From greeting and booking in customers, retrieving golf balls, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and ensuring that everyone follows the safety rules, the trainee’s discovered it’s a busy job.

The hard work didn’t scare off our SLES trainee’s though, with trainee Ryan even saying, Aqua golf is awesome. It would be a fun place to work!”

Our trainees gifted a certificate of appreciation to Aqua Golf Manager Ken Kelly as a thank you for hosting the industry visit. They then celebrated with a few rounds of aqua golf on the house.

“These industry experiences give trainees further knowledge about the world of work and help build their confidence interacting in the community,” continued Tayla.

Find out more about the SLES opportunities located near you so that you can start building up your confidence and work-ready skills to land the job of your dreams.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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