How do you address a potential employer in an interview? What is the best way to deal with customers? How do I get to work? What is a workplace really like?

These are all the questions answered for SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) Ingleburn trainees over several weeks, with trainers organising a series of theory and practical sessions to get the trainees work-ready.

SLES supports young school leavers to think critically about work-life and ask all the questions they may have to prepare for employment opportunities.

Job readiness is key to success in the workplace. SLES trainer at Ingleburn, Livenya, organised various engaging and fun presentations for trainees to develop their job readiness skills.

One presentation focussed on developing soft skills to help individuals fit into the workplace. These skills can include attitude, manners, motivation and being flexible.

The group also discussed how to deal with others in the workplace and manage social situations. They talked about personal presentation in various scenarios including, in the workplace, as well as when going to an interview.

While workplace skills are important, building trainee confidence is also vital to employment success. Ingleburn trainees participated in several travel training exercises, where they used public transport to get to a specific place. Together they planned a trip to Campbelltown and worked out the train timetable to get to and from their destination.

Cooking sessions were not only fun but also provided opportunities to learn life skills. Meal planning helps ensure that lunches get packed and that healthy meal options are available before and after work.

To get the complete SLES experience, trainees also participated in hands-on work experience at Afford Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE). At the Ingleburn ADE, trainees spoke with the workers about the different roles available. They also had the chance to sort, pack and label the products just like the other workers.

SLES trainers also organise industry visits to give trainees a glimpse at real-world workplaces. Ingleburn trainees were lucky enough to visit Supercheap Auto in Campbelltown and spoke directly to the manager about employment opportunities.

Afford’s SLES service supports young job-seekers to develop skills and resilience to be confident in the workplace. SLES offers a supportive and friendly environment where strengths and ability are showcased and celebrated among friends.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES program to get on the right path to employment.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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