Flashback to before Sydney’s COVID-19 lockdown. Our SLES Prestons and Ingleburn teams came together to collaborate on the Toastmasters event. It was a fantastic day where trainees were able to focus on their public speaking skills whilst building their confidence and self-esteem.

Our SLES program equips school leavers with the skills, knowledge and real-world experience to enter the workforce or further training with confidence and pride.

“All of the trainees grew in confidence as the day went on. It was a great way to boost their self-esteem, improve their communication and get everyone to socialise, all while having fun in a safe, comfortable environment,” said Prestons SLES Trainer, Frank Cucek.

SLES Prestons were the hosts and Ingleburn loved visiting for the day. After morning tea, the trainees launched into their first ice breaker activity, which was a great way to learn everyone’s names and discover one thing they liked about themselves.

The day’s highlight was the public speaking activity, where trainees had the option to talk about a topic of their choosing, be assigned a topic or conduct a talk show inspired interview with a peer.

“One of our trainees, Luis, is our resident history buff. He presented a brief history lesson on the first Roman Emperor, which had everyone intrigued. The talk show interview was also popular and resulted in many laughs,” said Frank.

Rounding off the day was a fun game of ‘mine field’ where trainees worked together using effective communication to navigate the mine fields that were coloured paper circles.

“The Toastmasters events used to be a regular program and we aim to bring that back when the time is right. The feedback from the trainees was excellent. Seeing them boost their communication and social skills was fantastic,” Frank explained.

The SLES team listen to your goals and work with you to prepare for the next chapter of your life while discovering the path that is right for you.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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