Brooklyn understands how to use light to make an ordinary photo into something magical. He knows how to frame a photo to make it interesting and appeal to the viewer. He has a keen eye for photography and one day, hopes to turn his passion into a profession.

As part of Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) service in Southport, Brooklyn is encouraged to explore his interests. SLES trainers support Brooklyn to consider the many different ways he can evolve his enthusiasm for photography into a job where he can earn money doing something he loves.

With his SLES trainer, Brooklyn regularly visits The Broadwater at Southport. Along the water’s edge, there are so many opportunities to capture the perfect photo.

He likes taking photos of nature and landscapes. Many of his photos highlight how man-made objects fit in with the natural world.

At the moment, Brooklyn takes photos and edits them on his phone. His dream, though, is to one day purchase a camera so that he can capture high-quality photographs. He also aims to purchase photo editing software that will allow him to use his creativity to adjust contrast, colour and more to take his photos to the next level.

Brooklyn has a clear idea of his employment goals for the future. He has the talent to capture photographs that rival the professionals. With support from SLES trainers, he can explore his interests and develop the skills he needs to showcase his talents to potential employers to start the journey of securing his ideal job.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES service and how you can get support to develop resume writing and interview skills and guidance to enter the workforce and achieve your goals.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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