Charlotte is a resident of our Dryandra Supported Accommodation home in Melbourne. When she first joined Afford, she was shy and hesitant to engage with her housemates, but now her personality shines and she is ready to take on new challenges.

Today, Charlotte confidently does things around the house and makes choices about the things she wants to do.

On a recent trip to Gumbuya World, Charlotte was eager to try the rollercoaster rides and flying fox with her friends, Laura and Megan. She hopped on an inflatable doughnut for Rapid River Rafting and then enjoyed the wave pool and giant slide. The trio laughed and talked about the great day they had enjoyed together.

In just a few months, Charlotte has become a confident and capable young woman. She is willing to try new experiences and push boundaries to make new friends.

She has even joined a weekly bowling league and actively puts forward her choices of weekly activities during resident meetings.

As part of the Afford Lifestyle, all of Afford’s Supported Accommodation fosters independence, choice and respect. Each home is modified to suit the needs and abilities of residents and are in various suburbs across Australia to encourage inclusiveness and belonging.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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