Kylie, Suzie, Jenny and Tracey have known each other for close to a decade and now live together in Afford Supported Accommodation in Melbourne. With support when they need it, the ladies enjoy doing things that make them happy.

The ladies love to get out and explore more of their local community, recently they decided to experience the outdoors at a different time of day.

With the lifestyle assistants that support them at their home, Tracey, Suzie, Jenny and Kylie organised to have a twilight fish and chips dinner at Altona Beach.

They headed out to the beach in the afternoon, walked along the sand and dipped their feet in the water. The ladies watched as the day’s beach-goers slowly began to leave the sandy shoreline.

The highlight of the evening was watching the sun that had warmed the soft sand all day slowly dip behind the horizon for a truly magnificent sunset. The sky filled with hues of pink, red and orange as the sun moved out of view.

The ladies enjoyed a brisk walk along the esplanade and picked up their hot fish and chips dinner to enjoy in the nearby park.

Over their meals, they talked about enjoying the freedom to choose when and where they go with support from lifestyle assistants when they need it.

As part of the Afford Lifestyle, residents are encouraged to get involved in activities that bring them joy. Afford staff are there to help residents achieve their goals and live the life they have always wanted.


Find out more about availability in Afford Supported Accommodation and how the Afford Lifestyle will help you live a meaningful life with opportunity and friendship.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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