Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The new Breakfast Club for the residents of the Lavender, Country Lodge, Aussie Digs and True Blue homes in Penrith in NSW is making sure they all get a healthy and social start to the week.

The Afford Lifestyle ensures residents have every chance to do the things they truly love. Staff go above and beyond to organise activities that help residents achieve their goals.

Lifestyle Assistant, Krystal, began the Breakfast Club after residents talked about wanting to enjoy more social activities. The desire for more social connection was of particular interest for residents after experiencing various restrictions to community access this year.

Every Monday, residents from Afford Supported Accommodation homes in Penrith come together for a healthy and nutritious breakfast to start the week.

The gathering is an opportunity to support resident connectedness and to create a supportive, family environment.

“We started doing the Breakfast Club so that we can all have breakie together. It’s a great way to promote positive mental health and wellbeing,” said Krystal, Afford Lifestyle Assistant.

“We eat together as a group, like a family. We have music in the background and we go to extra effort to make the food look restaurant quality so that it feels special.”

“We encourage healthy meals and snacks for residents who live in Supported Accommodation. The breakfast club supports this with nutritious eggs, muesli, tomatoes on toast and more. Residents love the variety and love trying new foods.”

“With everyone busy getting ready for work or to go to community centre, the breakfast club is the perfect opportunity for residents to stop, connect with their mates and get a positive start to the week.”

Find out more about the Afford Lifestyle and how Supported Accommodation can help you to live the life you want under the NDIS.

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