Setting and sticking to a budget has empowered Sean to create an amazing outdoor area at his home in Melbourne, with support and encouragement from Afford.

One of Sean’s goals for this year is to develop his knowledge and practice in budgeting. He spoke with Kylie, the lifestyle assistant that supports Sean and his housemates around the clock, if or when they need it, about how he can work towards improving his skills to achieve his goal.

Developing any new skill takes practice and life experience. That’s the strategy Sean and Kylie took  to brush up their budgeting knowledge for real-world situations.

With an idea to redo their outdoor area, Sean and Kylie sat down and thought about all the ways they could make the space more welcoming for residents. They decided that decorative plants and vegetable seedlings would be a good start. They also talked about new shelving to put pots and other decorations.

With a list of items in hand and a budget set, Sean and Kylie headed to their local Bunnings store to make some purchases.

They found some decorative, faux plants to create a fresh feel to the outdoor space, which also stay green all year round.

They purchased shelving for housemates to display the things they have created or items that reflect their interests.

Once all the items were selected, Kylie supported Sean to purchase everything through the checkout and it all came under budget!

That afternoon, Kylie and Sean put together the shelves and then fixed them to the wall. They also fixed the decorations to the walls and frames of the outdoor pergola.

Once it was all complete, Sean poured himself a big glass of water as a refreshment while he looked at the results of all his hard work. With a renewed outdoor area and the TV ready and waiting for the foot season to begin, Sean and his friends will have many hours of fun together thanks to his determination to achieve his goals.

“Sean was so proud to have developed his skills in budgeting and have something to show for all his efforts. His housemates were thrilled with the results! Everyone enjoys watching the seedlings Sean has planted grow and just enjoying the refreshed outdoor space,” said Kylie.

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