It is a tradition at the Dryandra Group Home that every Sunday the lovely ladies visit a new location which can be anything from 10 minutes to 1 hour away. They will spend the day doing local activities, having picnic lunches, visiting shops or café’s and enjoying time in the community.

Dryandra Supported Accommodation, in Victoria’s Cranbourne, is in the perfect location to have exciting weekend visits to the many local picturesque towns.

“On Wednesday nights, we have a group meeting where we ask everyone for their ideas on where to go and activities they want to do. Then, we help them decide, as they come to us with lots of choices,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Trust Mutengwa.

Best friends Laura and Megan recently explored the Mornington area, where they took a walk at the beach, had a picnic, and enjoyed the view from the pier. This was an area they were very excited to visit as they wanted to go there for a while but hadn’t been able to visit due to the prolonged travel restrictions in Melbourne. “You can feel their happiness just from their smiles and both Laura and Megan were as bright as the sunny morning itself,” continued Trust.

On the Sunday before this trip, Trust supported Megan on a one-to-one trip to St Kilda Pier, another great area for sightseeing and fantastic lunch spots.

Megan originally wanted to visit Phillip Island as she was very keen on seeing the penguins however, the other residents couldn’t make it, so she decided to wait until everyone was available. She wants to share the experience with her friends, so Phillip Island will be the groups next adventure.

“Our Sunday’s out are great for the resident’s wellbeing and it gives them a sense of belonging within the community,” Trust said.

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