Charlotte and Laura are great friends. They live together in Afford Supported Accommodation that is decked out with everything they need and love, to make their house a home.

The friends are outgoing and always ready for an adventure. They love exploring their local community and broader Melbourne. Now that COVID restrictions have eased in Melbourne, Charlotte and Laura have greater freedoms to visit all the places they have longed to see.

With support from lifestyle assistants, Charlotte and Laura decided they wanted to head out to the picturesque township of Sorrento in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

It was an early start for the ladies and their lifestyle assistants but feeling the cool morning air on their skin and watching the sun rise only increased their excitement for the day ahead.

At the Sorrento pier, Charlotte and Laura had support to buy their tickets for the ferry at the ticket counter. They then went to the water’s edge to watch the ferry come into the dock.

Laura and Charlotte were a bit reluctant at first, but once they were on the ferry and knew that they had support from Afford staff if or when they needed it, their nerves soon drifted away.

On the journey to Queenscliff, they saw dolphins swimming through the water alongside the ferry.

“The ladies were smiling and excited to see the dolphins in the water. It was something new for them and one of the highlights of their day,” said Lifestyle Assistant Karen.

Once at Queenscliff, the group headed to the marina to find a place to have brunch to talk about their ferry ride experience.

On the return ferry ride, the Spirit of Tasmania was coming into port. The huge ship fascinated Laura and Charlotte and they looked on to see all the cars and people disembarking the ship.

The two friends share many interests. Outings such as this trip to Sorrento only strengthens their bond.

“The ladies had such a lovely time they want to go again,” said Karen.

Find out more about how the Afford Lifestyle can support you to visit the places you have always dreamed of and make new friends and memories to last a lifetime.

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