Image for James’ Delicious Work

James’ Delicious Work

James is a very lucky young man. He sees everything that happens behind the scenes of a Woolworths bakery, plus he can enjoy the smell of delicious cookies as they come straight out of the warm oven, all in a day’s work! James has been participating in work experience with his local Woolworths store for almost two years. When he isn’t at ...
Image for Heroes with Ability is Back!

Heroes with Ability is Back!

Kick, pass the ball, run, and score a try! It is this energy and activity that many Affordians have missed while the Heroes with Ability football program has been on hold due to the Coronavirus. Now, with safety procedures in place, individuals from Afford’s Lurnea, Green Valley, Belmore, Oran Park, Canley Vale, Condell Park, Campbelltown...
Image for When One-to-One Gets Creative

When One-to-One Gets Creative

“I’m Hayley, Jess’s Lifestyle Assistant. I don’t like to call myself that though because I see Jess as a friend and I think that’s how Jess sees me too.”  Hayley is a lifestyle assistant at Afford’s Southport Day Program in Queensland. She and Jess have formed a strong friends...
Image for Eagle Vale Proves Fitness is for Everyone

Eagle Vale Proves Fitness is for Everyone

Walking is an easy and free way to maintain fitness for a healthy lifestyle. Tayla and Jessica live in their Afford Group Home in Eagle Vale. With support from their lifestyle assistants, the ladies are keeping to a regular walking routine and benefiting from improved physical fitness and over...
Image for Brianna Shows Her Dance Moves

Brianna Shows Her Dance Moves

Brianna is a young, vivacious woman. She has always loved to dance and regularly showcases her latest choreographed moves to her housemates and the Lifestyle Assistants at her Afford Group Home in Victoria. Then, one day Brianna walked into the garage of her home to find a very welcome ...