Image for Massage Chairs Bring Calm to Rouse Hill

Massage Chairs Bring Calm to Rouse Hill

At times when we find ourselves overwhelmed and we just need some time to chill out, massage can relive some of our tensions. Since ancient times, massage has been used to provide a feeling of deep calm and relaxation. Fortunately, advancements in technology mean that we can now enjoy the benefits of massage through specialised equipment,...
Image for Lakemba’s Backyard Makeover!

Lakemba’s Backyard Makeover!

Thanks to generous Community Building Partnerships grant funding, Afford’s Lakemba Respite has had a backyard makeover! This new back garden and yard area will benefit the many people who visit the respite site. It now provides a serene and happy environment to relax. Take Time Out At Respite Afford’s