The annual Christmas card competition is a well-loved Afford tradition that our clients and residents look forward to each year. Using their endless imaginations (and lots of glitter), sites across Australia had a merry time creating their jolly card designs. Sam and Margret are two residents who created some cracker Christmas cards. 

Afford’s Community Centres and Supported Accommodation homes are there to support you in achieving your goals while encouraging you to celebrate the seasons that make you happy. 

“Sam spent two days on her creation and is so proud of the result. She wrote a special message inside and said her snowman would not be complete without wearing her beloved NSW Blues State of Origin scarf,” said Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Oluwaseun Bamigbele. 

Down in Victoria, Sam is Forest Oak’s Supported Accommodation’s resident artist. She was as ready as a reindeer to get involved in the competition and enjoy the benefits of art therapy.  

“Sam is a creative person and has found that art and particularly colouring in has been very soothing for her when she is stressed,” continued Oluwaseun. 

Art therapy has helped many clients improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It is a fantastic way for individuals to express their feelings, improve self-esteem, increase communication and develop motor skills. 

In New South Wales, Margret from Butterflies Supported Accommodation also got into the spirit and designed two cards for the competition. 

“Margret loves craft projects and has the same love for Christmas so we thought why not combine both and create something special,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Siobhan Gallagher. 

Margret got to work using her stencils, sponges and stamps to bring her masterpiece together and the art session was a great display of independence, creativity and patience.

Every design was spectacular, making it extremely hard to choose just six winners. 

Congratulations to Koby from Penrith SLES, Ryan from Penrith SLES, Amanda from Canley Vale Community Centre, Chance from Ingleburn SLES, Matthew from Empire Supported Accommodation and Benjamin from Ingleburn SLES. 

Find out more about how Afford’s supports and services can help you explore new passions and create special memories over the holidays.  

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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