John is a resident from Afford’s True Blue Supported Accommodation who utilises Afford TeleCare to keep up with his regular speech pathology sessions.

The TeleCare Zoom video calls enable John to continue his weekly sessions from the comfort and safety of his own home.

“John’s Speech Pathologist is such a meaningful person in his life and has gone above and beyond over the last month. They have provided resources and strategies to John alongside his Telecare sessions,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Nancy Bola.

Afford TeleCare was launched in 2020 to provide contactless Allied Health care to our customers. We are proud that this service is continuing to help customers today nationwide. John’s speech pathology sessions are one of the highlights of his week, alongside other lockdown activities.

“John always looks forward to his sessions and he is enjoying the video calls just as much. They are great for him to get in that extra level of social interaction, especially with us experiencing lockdown,” continued Nancy.

John has also enjoyed looking after the houses pet guinea pig, watching Harry Potter marathons, and baking Indian pastries to keep entertained during these challenging times.

He is looking forward to life returning to normal soon and can’t wait to get back to accessing the community and seeing his friends at Cherrywood Lifestyle Centre.

Our Allied Health clinicians use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide holistic support to people with disability and help them reach their full potential.

If you are ready to start achieving your goals and improving your life skills, Contact our Allied Health team at: or 1300 233 673.

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