Malcolm from Dryandra Supported Accommodation home is ready to get out and explore the world in his new wheelchair. After years of relying on his rollator walker while his strength deteriorated, Malcolm is looking forward to longer days in the community and new adventures.

Afford’s supports and services will always advocate for you and your health to provide you with every opportunity to get the most out of life.

“Malcolm’s staff and Occupational Therapist decided that it was a good idea to order an electric wheelchair back in late 2021. When it arrived in February, it was a surprise to Malcolm,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Baldev Singh.

The wheelchair was unloaded and Malcolm was informed that a gentleman was here to speak about his mobility requirements.

“Unsuspectingly, Malcolm strolled into the garage using his walker. Low and behold, his new electric wheelchair had arrived! He was so surprised and was smiling ear to ear. Malcolm wasted no time and began to adjust the wheelchair right away,” continued Baldev.

He took it for a test drive around the yard, where he made final adjustments to ensure he was comfortable.

Malcolm was ready and roaring to explore his residence and said to Baldev, “I feel so happy now that I can go wherever I want. This is what life is all about – mobility and freedom. Thank you, Afford & the NDIS, for taking care of my requirements.”

This wheelchair has truly transformed Malcolm’s outlook on life and self-confidence. We look forward to seeing many more adventures in the local community with his friends.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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