Image for Green Thumbs Blossom at Butterflies

Green Thumbs Blossom at Butterflies

 The Afford Lifestyle is all about Afford going above and beyond to support residents to live independently with...
Image for Home Grown Veggies at Sunshine Group Home

Home Grown Veggies at Sunshine Group Home

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles is a big part of what we encourage at Afford. Many residents who live in our Group Homes across Australia are keen gardeners and use what they’ve grown to make delicious and nutritious meals.
Image for True Blue Community Garden

True Blue Community Garden

Getting involved in the local community is integral in how Afford supports residents enjoy the Afford Lifestyle. Each and every day, our residents are supported to live the life they want and to get involved in activities that make them feel happy. Getting I...
Image for Tasty Skills for an Independent Life

Tasty Skills for an Independent Life

Learning new skills is an important part of growing as an individual. At Afford, we work closely with each of our clients to ensure that we provide the right supports to help achieve their goals for work, at home and in life. Our Group Homes are places where residents find support from ...
Image for Respite Gets Gardening

Respite Gets Gardening

Afford offers Respite Accommodation in Lakemba with a home that is specifically tailored to suit the various needs of our clients. Respite is a great opportunity to take some time out away from the everyday and to meet new friends and enjoy new experiences in a welcoming and supportive environment. Recently, the clients of Lakemba ...