The residents at True Blue Supported Accommodation have a real zest for gardening. The team of green thumbs recently took a fun trip to their local Bunnings store to enjoy some team bonding and get their community garden ready for winter.

At Afford’s Supported Accommodation, you will always be encouraged to discover and follow your passions whilst building lasting friendships.

“Gardening is so important for our residents’ wellbeing because being outside in the fresh air and having special gardening projects always gives our guys something to look forward to every day. It also gives them a chance to feel a sense of responsibility with watering and weeding the garden,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Krystal Heckenberg.

Accessing the community and gaining independence are some of this teams biggest goals. The group trips to Bunnings are a great way to achieve these goals and gain experience in life skills such as decision making, communication and participation.

“Our whole house loves gardening days but Graeme Riley is very passionate. Every day he will verbally express to the staff how much he loves his garden, which is always lovely to hear!” Continued Krystal.

In winter, one of the primary responsibilities of the garden is ensuring that it is getting the correct amounts of water.

“We always have gardening goals, but coming into winter, it’s really about maintaining the outside areas of our home. We need to make sure the plants are getting enough sunlight on the gloomy days and not being overwatered,” Krystal said.

The team love using the fresh herbs and veggies that they grow in their cooking, and winter is the perfect time to add them to stews, soups and other warm comfort foods.

The group is looking forward to trying tomato plants and passionfruit next when the weather warms up in spring.

Learn more about how you can start discovering and following your passion with your friends by your side in our supported accommodation today.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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