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Carers Are Our Support Partners

At Afford, we understand that carers are our partners in supporting individuals with disability to shape their own lives. Afford Partners with Carers We see our relationship with carers as a partnership. A partnership that ensures that our supports suit the needs of their loved one, grow throughout their life and encourage...
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Mateship Takes Hold in Windsor

Mateship is something that develops over time and lasts a lifetime. For two friends from Windsor Day Program, Matthew and Peter, their camaraderie has grown. They feel comfortable sharing their interests, stories, joys and challenges and enjoy creating memories to cherish...
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We Care About Carers

Afford has a whole-of-life approach to disability services. We want to support our clients AND their families and carers to ensure a positive life outcome for all. By supporting our carers and providing opportunities to enjoy mingling with others, learning about NDIS updates or simply setting aside some time for themselves, we know that o...
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Getting Social and Living the Life you Want

Afford Group Homes are welcoming environments that truly create safe places where friends can share their experiences, enjoy outings together and simply take in all the benefits that independent living can provide. Residents often make their own meals at home, with many having impressive gardens with herbs and vegetables to use in their h...