The smell of the ocean and the water lapping against your heels is an experience that brings back fond memories for True Blue home resident, Peter. Having grown up in Dee Why, Peter loves the sounds, smells and feelings of being at the ocean’s edge, but for one reason or another he hasn’t felt the sand between his toes for more than 30 years.

This all changed for Peter on his recent Afford Getaway trip to Terrigal on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Nancy was Peter’s support person for the trip to ensure he had everything he needed to enjoy the experience.

Along with his friends and Afford support staff, Peter visited the Australia Walkabout Park Sanctuary and fed the cockatoos. He also enjoyed trying to spot a whale or two at the various lookouts.

At 73 years young, Peter had an overwhelming feeling that this was going to be the trip when he became reacquainted with the sea.

“Peter is very independent, but sometimes he just needs a little encouragement to follow through to do the things he loves,” said Nancy, Afford Lifestyle Assistant.

With encouragement from Nancy, Peter rolled up the legs of his trousers and headed to the water’s edge. He instantly loved feeling the sand on his feet, and the smile on his face said it all when the water splashed against his legs.

“It is so wonderful to see Peter reconnecting with an activity that he loves and one that brings him good memories,” said Nancy.

During the two night stay in Terrigal, the group who are all residents and housemates of the True Blue Supported Accommodation home, made the most of their time away.

With the hotel only moments from the main street in Terrigal, the friends took in the nightlife and immersed themselves in the cool vibes of the town.

Dinner at a Chinese restaurant was one of their favourite outings, with everyone getting the chance to test their skill with chopsticks! Peter and Demara were the most skilled among the group.

There was plenty of time for souvenir shopping right before having to head back to their home in Penrith.

Afford Getaways give travellers the chance to see and experience more of the world around them. It’s a chance to make new friends and interact with others in the community.

For Peter, the Afford Getaway to Terrigal was a life-changing experience. What was once only a childhood memory, is now an experience that he can confidently enjoy whenever he wants.

Learn more about upcoming Afford Getaways and how you can travel to new destinations with support.

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