Kings Park Lifestyle Centre recently refreshed their sensory room thanks to the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership Grant funding. All Afford sites encourage customers to play, relax and discover techniques for managing and processing emotions by investing in modern and unique sensory equipment. Sensory experiences, such as listening to ocean sounds or feeling the softness of a familiar blanket, help our customers feel cool, calm and collected.

Afford Lifestyle Centres are fitted with top of the line appliances, equipment and amenities to ensure customers can develop a range of life skills and express their emotions.

“We are grateful to have so much new equipment thanks to this grant. We received a new interactive digital sensory wall, sensory bed and a new adult change table,” said Team Leader, Gifty Aidoo.

Thanks to the sensory wall, customers can feel transported to the beach, outer space, a calming forest or other exotic locations. It has a range of interactive applications and settings for relaxation, therapy, education and play. The virtual environments produce life-like visuals and sounds that stimulate the body and mind.

“There are at least 15 customers at Kings Park who at some point in the day will need a break. We have always had the sensory room with lights, massage chairs, a ball pit and other audio-visual objects but since getting the sensory wall, everyone has wanted to try it out. Even the staff love it,” continued Gifty.

Adding a sensory mattress to the room has also increased its daily use. It provides tactile stimulation and vibrations which is excellent for relaxing.

The new adult change table has also been a welcome addition to the wet room.

“This has helped so much! You can adjust the height and easily make the customers as comfortable as possible. It enhances everyone’s safety and shows how much we care for our customers,” said Gifty.

Afford would like to acknowledge and thank the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership for continuing to help us support customers.

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