Image for Celebrating ADE Employee Achievements

Celebrating ADE Employee Achievements

Afford Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) are supportive and welcoming workplaces. They are places where people with disability can share their unique talents to enjoy meaningful work, learn new skills, earn their own money. Many of our supported employees love to ...
Image for New Leaders Emerge in Afford ADEs

New Leaders Emerge in Afford ADEs

Afford supports every individual to realise their dreams and aspirations. In our Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs), employees are offered opportunities to learn new skills and progress into leadership roles with Afford. Afford Supports You to Achieve Your Work Goals We’re so proud to have many of our employees...
Image for Daniel and Anna Lift to Success for Better Skills

Daniel and Anna Lift to Success for Better Skills

At Afford, we’re always stoked to hear about our employees stepping up to further their skills. We love to support our employees to achieve their work goals for greater job satisfaction, but also to learn valuable skills that will not only help them during their time at Afford, but in ...