Image for Residents Showcase Their Individuality

Residents Showcase Their Individuality

Art is such a powerful form of self-expression. It allows us to express our feelings, memories, and dreams through colour, patterns and designs. The ladies of Afford’s Glen Alpine home have amazing artistic abilities. They are working on artworks to display at an exhibition at the end of...
Image for NAIDOC Artistry At Rouse Hill

NAIDOC Artistry At Rouse Hill

It is important for every Australian to understand the country’s past, present and future. Afford celebrates our country’s young history throughout our services across Australia. This could be in the form of arts and crafts, enjoying a walk at the park, or attending local events and festivals. Channel Your Creativity
Image for Paint, Sip and Chill with SLES Social!

Paint, Sip and Chill with SLES Social!

Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program supports trainees to develop their skills for the workforce. However, it’s also about making new ...
Image for Imagination and Creativity Soar!

Imagination and Creativity Soar!

Art is an important form of expression and tool for communication. Afford Day Programs across Australia incorporate art programs as a way for clients to develop creative skills and explore new tactile experiences. Realising the Ar...
Image for Residents Improve the Humble Board Game

Residents Improve the Humble Board Game

At Afford, skills development is something that we nurture for every individual. It’s about working with you to enhance your unique abilities to make every day life easier. Our skills development programs and activities are practical and stimulating, so you don’t even realise all the different skills you’re fine tuning because ...