Image for Fish Friends for Butterflies

Fish Friends for Butterflies

The soft sound of bubbles and the gentle splash of little fins gliding through the water is what the ladies of the Butterflies Supported Accommodation home in Penrith are looking forward to as they prepare to meet their new pet-pals in the coming weeks. In Afford Supported Accommodation...
Image for Horse Cuddles for Logan Village Ladies

Horse Cuddles for Logan Village Ladies

When many of us gaze upon a horse, few of us probably realise the physical and psychological benefits that engaging with horses can provide. With their tall and muscular physique, shiny coats, long tails and manes, many people, particularly individuals with disability, can experience extraordinary feelings of calm and relaxation channelled from ...
Image for Out of the Box Ideas for Fun and Engagement

Out of the Box Ideas for Fun and Engagement

Before COVID-19 disrupted our routines and daily plans, Afford staff were incorporating engaging, imaginative and fun activities for clients of all abilities to enjoy. Now, as we face our ‘new normal’, staff in Afford Day Programs across the country are stepping up even more to ensure ...
Image for Peter Discovers His Past

Peter Discovers His Past

It’s natural for us to want to understand where we come from, who our relatives are and the reasons why we do things in a certain way. For Peter, it was more than just curiosity. He wanted to locate a copy of his birth certificate and track down details about his mother so that he can finally become an Australian citizen. As part of the
Image for Brianna Shows Her Dance Moves

Brianna Shows Her Dance Moves

Brianna is a young, vivacious woman. She has always loved to dance and regularly showcases her latest choreographed moves to her housemates and the Lifestyle Assistants at her Afford Group Home in Victoria. Then, one day Brianna walked into the garage of her home to find a very welcome ...