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At Afford, we understand that assisting individuals to achieve their goals extends beyond traditional disability supports. It also involves supporting the people around them. That’s why Afford Day Programs across Australia regularly host Carers Events.

Socialise and Relax

Carers events provide families, friends and carers with the chance to come together to talk with Afford staff about disability supports relevant to their loved ones. These events are also an opportunity to socialise with others who have shared life experiences.

Welcome to the Afford Community

If you’ve just joined the Afford community, carer events are a great way to meet the families of clients who share time with your loved one. You can also ask Afford staff questions about programs and supports and get the latest updates about the NDIS.

Affords Lurnea Day Program has held a number of Carer Events, with the most recent being held at Liverpool’s Italian restaurant, Aqua Cotta.

Get Insight Into Your Loved One’s Activities

The event was a great forum for parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, or sisters and brothers to have a night out to socialise and learn more. The event also allowed carers to connect directly with the staff members, Belinda, Audrey and Tracy, who support their loved ones every day. The Afford District Manager for the region, Amira, also attended the event.

The event was a great success with a delicious Italian meal of pizza and pasta.

Many of the family members got to hear first-hand about some of the activities that their loved ones get up to at their Day Program. Some were even enlightened about some of the unique character traits of their loved ones.

Whole-Of-life Approach to Disability Services

For Afford staff, it was great to get a sense of the activities and support from the client’s homes. Afford’s whole-of-life approach to disability supports means that we are interested to know how we can support every individual in every aspect of their life.

Find out about Afford Carer Events in your area and how Afford can support you at home, at work and in life.