Who doesn’t love spending a day at the farm? Our resident Angela from Crestmead Supported Accommodation was recently treated to the authentic farmyard experience on a fun day out to Paradise Country on the Gold Coast.

Angela was thrilled to watch farm demonstrations, visit animal exhibits and meet some fluffy friends up close and personal.

“I was so proud of Angela. She had the goal of going to the farm to pat the animals and although Angela was hesitant at first, soon enough, she was patting the baby goats and wanted to take one home with her,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Sandra Dale.

Angela’s first visit to Paradise Country went above and beyond her expectations.

“All the animals took a real liking to her. Angela was an animal whisperer and even when I tried to get the animals attention, they stayed focused on only Angela,” continued Sandra.

Sandra has been assisting Angela for the past two years and has seen her reach and exceed many goals. Especially since moving into her Crestmead home. Visiting the farm was an achievement Angela had been looking forward to for a long time, as she loves animals.

The sheep herding and cow milking demonstrations were amongst Angela’s favourites and a standout moment of the day was when the staff pretended to get different flavours from the cow, something Angela still jokes about today.

Day trips like this are excellent chances for residents to get out in the community and the interaction with the animals are great sensory experiences.

Afford’s Supported Accommodation gives residents the support they need to take on new adventures and the freedom to achieve their goals every day.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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