Afford’s Forest Oak Supported Accommodation have been utilising the power of smell to assist clients with self-managing their emotions.

With Victoria experiencing COVID-19 restrictions once again, it is more important than ever for sites to implement innovative techniques to support clients’ wellbeing.

At our supported accommodation, you will always be encouraged to achieve your goals and reach your full protentional through innovative techniques and technologies.

“We have created this unique sensory modulation activity by filling jars with a range of scents. There is everything from eucalyptus, coffee, curry, lavender, flowers and more available for the clients to access anytime they need to feel calm,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Belinda Whelan.

Sensory modulation activities have been linked to improving emotional regulation, learning, behaviour and overall participation in daily life for people of all abilities.

“We have noticed a change in the thought processes of the clients when using the jars. It has become a fun guessing game as well as with some of the wrong guesses leading to a lot of laughter and connection,” continued Belinda.

If clients are feeling stressed or anxious, they are encouraged to head over to the jars in the loungeroom and breathe in the scents and take a guess at what they can smell.

“Anything we can do to assist our clients in managing stress and anxiety is well worth doing. This has proved to be a simple and successful technique in sensory modulation,” said Belinda.

Your wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do at Afford Supported Accommodation. So, if you are ready to start living the Afford Lifestyle, find out more about locations we have right across Australia.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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