Learning plays a key role in helping us develop through life and allowing us to enjoy new experiences and comforts.

Afford is passionate about working with you to explore new skills and develop those you already have. We work with you at your pace and through activities and programs that are interesting to you. Afford’s supports are individualised and adjusted to your progress and reassessed over time or until you reach your goal. Afford can help to learn or develop your skills in almost anything, such as:

  • Learning about yourself, your support networks and developing your confidence
  • Understanding and building relationships through social skills, communication and understanding the way different relationships can work
  • Getting ready for the workforce, on-the-job support and finding and keeping a job
  • Learning different ways to face new challenges, responsibilities and expierences
  • Daily living tasks like cooking, cleaning and maintaining appointments

Find out more about how you can start your journey, by checking out the following support offerings:

Meet Keryn Blacktown Lifestyle Centre

Keryn loves to be part of the group at the Lifestyle Centre and enjoys a variety of activities including art and craft, cooking, swimming, dancing and outings. Keryn was recently part of the Youth Leadership Program conducted between Blacktown Lifestyle Centre and the Toastmasters. During this program had the opportunity to develop her speaking skills and confidence with close support and encouragement. In a testament to her progress, Keryn even showcased her new skills at the Graduation Ceremony, where she delivered a speech to the audience on her favourite topic which was going on holidays. The achievement was so profound that Toastmasters even invited her to deliver a speech at the Branch’s 20th Anniversary dinner to the cheer of the entire audience. Both Keryn and Afford are proud of her achievements and looking forward to more great things in the future. Cheers to Keryn!

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