Image for Innovation is Key to Having Fun On-Site

Innovation is Key to Having Fun On-Site

With a little ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and a focus on fun, Afford sites across Australia are making the most of their time on-site. A whole lot of creativity is being explored and new skills are being learned every day, making each day an exciting adventure. Achieve Your Goals Faced with more time at home, Lisa from Blueb...
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SLES Safety FUNdamentals

Learning and developing workplace skills continues to be a primary focus for Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program. So, trainees took to the internet to do some training online! Mt Druitt and Penrith SLES trainees took advantage of their time on-s...
Image for Jean Loves Summer Bay!

Jean Loves Summer Bay!

Jean is an outgoing, fun-loving resident of Afford’s True Blue home in Penrith. She loves getting out and about, but what she loves most is watching the iconic Aussie TV show, Home and Away. Achieve Your Goals Jean loves Home and Away so much, that one of her NDIS goals was to visit Summer Bay. She wanted to see for ...
Image for Stephanie Lives Life Her Way

Stephanie Lives Life Her Way

In October this year, Stephanie moved out of the family home to start her journey of independent living in Afford’s Caboolture group home. At 29 years old, Stephanie was keen to live on her own and secured NDIS funding to make this dream a reality.
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Summer Vibes at Cronulla Beach

What better way to spend summer than to head out to Cronulla Beach! That’s precisely what Chris, from Afford’s Bexley Day Program, wanted to do. So, his support staff, Orlando, made it happen! Achieve Your NDIS Goals One of Chris’ NDIS goals is to exer...