Image for Sensing a New Mood at Bexley Day Program

Sensing a New Mood at Bexley Day Program

Sensory engagement plays such an important part of the everyday routines and activities of our clients. Stimulating our senses of touch, smell and sound all play a role in helping us develop as individuals and learn more about our world. New Sensory Room at Bexley We’re super ...
Image for A Farmyard Visit for a Different Way of Life

A Farmyard Visit for a Different Way of Life

Afford coordinates its own animal therapy program at Cherrywood Friendship Farm in Llandilo, so we understand the power our special four-legged and furry pals have to get us in a good mood. New Experiences for Our Residents Recently, residents from our Narellan, Narellan Vale and Gl...
Image for Sweet Strawberry Surprise

Sweet Strawberry Surprise

Learning more about where our food comes from and trying new life experiences is all possible thanks to the Afford Lifestyle. At Afford, we support our residents to explore more of the world around them and take part in fun activities, that also provide opportunities to learn something new. New Life Experiences Rece...
Image for Afford Merge Offers a Brighter Future

Afford Merge Offers a Brighter Future

Last year, Afford merged with WALCA (Wellness and Leisure Centre for Adults) in Bexley to ensure the continuation of services for the many clients that attended the site. The merge presented Bexley clients with greater opportunities and choice to access their local community, learn new skills, make new friends and live the life on their terms.
Image for Take Charge of Your Life

Take Charge of Your Life

When you join Afford’s SLES Program, it isn’t just about sitting back and waiting for trainers to provide all the answers. The SLES Program presents school leavers with the opportunity to take charge of their learning and to proactively ask questions, seek advi...