Image for Dance, Art and Tournaments in Victoria

Dance, Art and Tournaments in Victoria

Faced with more time indoors, our Victorian Supported Accommodation residents have taken the opportunity to reflect on the positives, learn new skills and strengthen their friendships. Unable to attend day program, Paul and Ryan from their home have been enjoying activities at their hom...
Image for Working Towards a Healthy Heart

Working Towards a Healthy Heart

A healthy heart is a happy heart, and today, on World Heart Day (29th September), we’re sharing some of the little ways that Affordians are working towards heart health. Choose Healthy Snacks and Meals Healthy meal and snack options are encouraged across a...
Image for Fish Friends for Butterflies

Fish Friends for Butterflies

The soft sound of bubbles and the gentle splash of little fins gliding through the water is what the ladies of the Butterflies Supported Accommodation home in Penrith are looking forward to as they prepare to meet their new pet-pals in the coming weeks. In Afford Supported Accommodation...
Image for Horse Cuddles for Logan Village Ladies

Horse Cuddles for Logan Village Ladies

When many of us gaze upon a horse, few of us probably realise the physical and psychological benefits that engaging with horses can provide. With their tall and muscular physique, shiny coats, long tails and manes, many people, particularly individuals with disability, can experience extraordinary feelings of calm and relaxation channelled from ...
Image for Bailey Punches through Lockdown

Bailey Punches through Lockdown

The key to a healthy mind and body is staying active. This is Bailey’s new motto while he, along with many other Melbournians, face lockdown. Bailey lives in an Afford Supported Accommodation in Pakenham. At his home, Bailey is used to living life how he wants with support if / wh...